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Addyi Review

Addyi – Is it Viagra for Women?

“Is Addyi the female viagra?” This is a question that we hear often from women looking for information on Addyi (Flibanserin) – the new treatment for HSDD which was approved by the FDA on August 18, 2015.

While it’s probably not realistic to think of Addyi as the equivalent of ‘Female Viagra”, it was the first FDA approved drug to help address female sexual dysfunction and boost female sex drive.  What is Addyi – and how does it work? To understand this drug (formerly Flibanserin) – let’s back things up and explain the history of Addyi and how it came to be widely regarded as the first “female sex pill”.

The History of Addyi (Flibanserin)

Addyi is the new “brand name” of a drug that’s been in development as a HSDD treatment which is known by the drug name Flibanserin.  Flibanserin (Addyi) was originally developed as an anti-depressant many years ago. It was noticed that some women in the studies experienced some positive benefits in their sex drive while taking Flibanserin.

Sprout Pharmaceuticals was not the original company that tried to get FDA approval for Flibanserin as a treatment for low female sex drive. The drug originally belonged to a German company called Boehringer, which unsuccessfully tried to get FDA approval for Flibanserin.

The FDA rejected the application due to questions about the drug’s efficacy and safety. Sprout acquired Boehringer Ingelheim’s rights to flibanserin in 2012, and prepared to resubmit the drug to the FDA for approval using the German company’s clinical trial data. But in 2013, Sprout twice failed to overcome FDA concerns that the drug’s risks outweigh its benefits. The FDA requested additional studies, and also said that concerns about the drug warranted a review by an independent panel of medical experts.

Despite being rejected by the FDA on three separate occasions, in August 2015 Flibanserin finally received FDA approval after intense lobbying and media coverage. The company got to this point, at least in part, because it helped drive a public campaign  – orchestrated by a group called Even the Score – which leveraged the viral nature of the product and the health problem to mount a very effective PR push for an approval.  After receiving FDA approval – with several conditions – Sprout Pharmaceuticals chose the brand name Addyi which was used moving forward, instead of the actual drug name Flibanserin.

It’s important to note that the FDA granted approval for this drug with several caveats and conditions. The FDA  approval comes with a strict monitoring program to guard against safety risks associated with the drug.

The FDA notes that Addyi can cause severe low blood pressure, as well as the loss of consciousness—risks that are exacerbated with alcohol or certain drugs that interfere with the way that Addyi is broken down in the body. For those reasons, the FDA is requiring that patients seeking Addyi to treat Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder—essentially low libido— get a prescription from certified physicians who must counsel patients on the drug’s risks. Prescriptions can only be filled by pharmacies certified to dispense the Raleigh, NC-based company’s drug, and those pharmacies must receive training on the drug’s risks.

Addyi will also carry a boxed warning highlighting the drug’s risks and the FDA is requiring Sprout to conduct three post-marketing studies in women “to better understand the known serious risks of the interaction between Addyi and alcohol.” The most common adverse reactions associated with the use of Addyi are dizziness, sleepiness, nausea, fatigue, insomnia and dry mouth.

When will Addyi be available?

Addyi first became available on October 17, 2015. It’s important to note that Addyi is only available in the USA – and will only be available through pharmacies certified to sell the drug.

Addyi does come with some considerable side effects and risks – and as such only pharmacies which have been properly trained will be allowed to sell the drug.

Will Addyi be the big breakthrough in female sex drive treatments that some lobby groups suggested? It’s hard to say. Most studies have shown that female libido improvements will be modest at best while using Addyi, and there can be some ominous side effects.

However, with millions of women suffering from low sex drive – there will undoubtedly be many women willing to give it a shot. While Addyi probably won’t become the ultimate ‘Viagra for Women’ that has been suggested – it may provide an option for women that didn’t exist before.

Addyi (Flibanserin)

Addyi (Flibanserin)


3.0 /10


4.0 /10

No Side Effects

2.0 /10


1.0 /10

Customer Service

5.0 /10


  • May boost desire


  • Questionable Effectiveness
  • Results may be placebo effect
  • Very Expensive
  • Cannot Drink ANY alcohol
  • Unknown long term side effects

48 thoughts on “Addyi Review”

  1. I just found out from my Dr that I’m in full-blown menopause and have been for several years, I’m 39. She said she’d never seen someone so young go through menopause. She’s prescribed me this medicine and I’m picking it up today with a coupon card ($925 vs $25). No libido for at least 3 years, my poor husband, and now we just learned having a baby is out of the picture – So sad. Reading all the comments is comforting, knowing I’m not alone, and no matter what, it could always be worse. I’ll update my experiences once it’s in my system.

  2. I’m 54 yrs old and through menopause. Although this drug isn’t for post menopausal women my Dr prescribed as she thought it could help me. I’ve been married 25 yrs and have a healthy sex life until I reached menopause. I couldn’t achieve an O and it was very frustrating. I didn’t have a sex drive and then got very frustrated so didn’t want to have sex. I took Addyi for almost 8 weeks and didn’t feel any different. We had sex more often but I didn’t want to try to reach O because I was worried that if it didn’t work I would be discouraged. I’m happy to say that I had success. I’m not sure if the drug shuts off my inhibitions and helps me to relax or what. I’m going to def stay on it though as I do suffer with anxiety and believe an anti depressant can help me. I’m very pleased with the results. Hang in there and don’t get discouraged ladies!

    1. Jane, I swear you just described my situation to a T. This is day 4 for me with Addyi, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for the review!

  3. Day 1 of Addyi. from Lewiston Ny. 35 yrs old married head over-heals in love with my husband but low libido has put a strain on our marriage. In addition, trying pelvic floor therapy. I feel so much better reading these reviews and actually finding reviews of addyi working because i was skeptical. I will post again when something changes. Good luck everyone!!!

    1. Good luck Anaida! Please keep us updated as to your results with Addyi – we hope you see some improvement with your libido. We trust your doctor explained that you must fully abstain from alcohol while using Addyi as there can be some potentially serious side effects with even a small amount of alcohol intake.

      Keep us posted!

      1. My doctor made me sign a consent form not to drink and my pharmacist told me. Im the first person in my area taking this medication. So i hope I can help others who suffer from LSD or NSD

    2. Past first week. Absolutely, no side effects. thank God. No changes is sex drive yet but that is to be expected. Couple more weeks im hoping. I will keep everyone posted when I do.

  4. This will be day 1, No sex drive and I would give anything to get it back. I’m going to post updates hopefully every week to describe what/if any changes are occurring. Fingers crossed

    1. Janet have u felt any positive sexual improvement? Please let me know. I might buy it. Need a spark in our 35’s.
      Thank you

  5. I have been taking Addyi for almost 3 months now. The first month was great and my sex drive increased a ton. Sadly, the last two months I feel the same as I did when I first started taking Addyi. I’m so discouraged as to why it stopped working for me when I first noticed a huge change for the better.

    1. Hi Holly,

      It is doubtful that Addyi will help with vaginal moisture or lubrication – mainly because Addyi is specifically designed to work on the brain – not any other part of the body. Its intention is to make you mentally “want” sex more often. That being said, if it does increase your desire for sex, then that in turn might improve lubrication. But keep in mind that is not the purpose of the drug – so that would likely be more of a ‘side effect’ than a benefit of the drug. We recommend you try something like Vigorelle which serves a dual purpose as it specifically improves vaginal lubrication – and increases sexual pleasure and enjoyment – which often serves to increase female sex drive as well. Check it out here:

      Thanks for visiting!

  6. I was wondering if anyone is from Long Island, NY and knows of a doctor who is set up and registered with Addyi and can prescribed it. I was the first patient to ask my OBGYN for a script and she was happy to give it to me but she hadn’t registered with the company. I didn’t want to push if she hadn’t register and figured I’ll just try going back to the gym and working out. There has been a slight improvement but the lack of desire is still there. I really would like to give Addyi a try for a few weeks and see if it can help . Can someone recommend a doctor who is set up in Queens or Long Island? Also, I read on here someone experienced an increase in their appetite, has anyone experienced that? That’s a concern for me. Thanks everyone!!

    1. I live in Suffolk County and went to Suffolk OBGYN. I pushed my doctor to get certified because he knew of my issues.

    2. Also, I’ve been in it for two months now. It takes about a month to kick in so a few weeks isn’t long enough to know. I have not experienced an increase in appetite at all and actually lost weight on a diet. I have experienced tiredness because it was originally a pill for depression so it knocks me out but I sleep well!

  7. I’ve been on Addyi for over a month now and I feel no difference, my desire is still low and when my boyfriend starts touching me I still get that sense of dread. My last relationship ended after 5 years because of my non existent sex drive. I’m 33 and have had this issue since my late 20’s. It really is upsetting, I thought Addyi would be my cure. I’m still going to utilize my 90 days supply. Anyone have any clue how long you have to be off of it before you can drink again? Summer is coming and I need a beer on the beach!

    1. Addyi worked great the first month for me, then the last two months I have felt the same as I did before ever starting the medication. I wish I had an answer as to why it’s not working for us both..

  8. Ladys, if your GYN don’t prescribe it for you then find another doctor. I have been on Addyi now for four weeks and I went from sex twice a year to a few times a weeks. The libido is back and a strong desire for my husband and this is just after 4 weeks of Addyi. The plus is multiple big O’s.

    1. Are you from Queens or Long Island? I am looking to try it and was told at the pharmacy I need a doctor who is set up woth the company. How long after taking it did u see a change?

      1. I also had to push my doc but she is on it if you live in Nassau county I can refer you to someone there. I am only on it 10 days so no results yet.

  9. I wrote a positive review on this site a month ago and it is not showing up. I wonder why?
    This week will be three months I’m on Addyi and I have had a very positive experience. It does everything it is supposed to and more. The added bonus in more lubrication which is physical proof. But the mental proof is desire is back the way it was 4 years ago.

    1. Paula, the same thing for me, added lubricant and desire is back, no more dread every time my husband tries to touch me. I’m the one that is waking him up in the middle of the night. The bonus is I get that tingly feeling in my Lobito again Plus multiple orgasms.

    2. I started taking Addyi and was on a progesterone only birth control pill. I started feeling an increase in sex drive after a couple weeks. At the same time, my doctor switched my birth control pills to an estrogen one. Although my overall mood increased and I’m feeling pretty good all the time, I started to see my libido diminish and I also started gaining weight. After doing some research, I found that estrogen birth control pills can diminish your natural testosterone levels and and therefore decrease libido. I switched back to my old pills and within a week my libido has returned and both my husband and I are very happy campers! I absolutely love Addyi. I hope more research is done with the effects of birth control pills and testosterone levels. This may be why some women aren’t feeling the effects as much.

  10. Hi Ive been talking Addyi now for 2 weeks, day one I was very nauseous but no more after the first day. I have had BP problems my normal BP is around 130/80. Since I have been on Addyi my BP is running 59/43- 82/57- 78/54- 94/65- 93/60- 83/61- 80/59- 98/61- 71/45- 80/58- 76/54- 82/57- 76/54- this is just some of them. I’m been very week and dizzy and fatigued, my legs feel like rubber bands. I’m not able to drive my son to school or pick him up because I feeling like I could bass out and this last the whole day, good thing I don’t work. I’m going to continue taking Addyi course I’m hoping it will work and the side effects goes away. I’m disparate I’m 54 and haven’t had or wanted sex in 6 months and it’s not about family issues we get along just fine. The other problems I had was Insurance turning it down, I’m having a dispute with the insurance to have it reviewed. The cost is $965.99 at Walgreen. I called my GYN she sent me a coupon and it cost me $50.00. You can also look up coupons for Addyi an the Internet. And I have gained
    7lbs. But don’t let this stop you from trying it, I’m one that has bad Side affects on all antidepressants except for we Wellbutrin. So don’t get discouraged until you’ve tried it your self because a review is just someone else opinion and that doesn’t mean it won’t work for you. I’m sticking with it because my BP was 132/77 today and is normal BP for me and I haven’t felt week all day and I was able to drive today. Good luck and stick with it as long as you can. I will keep you updated.

    1. This is a respond to my first post⬆️ the low blood pressure That I posted on 2/8/16 was not due to Addyi it was a combination of two other medications mixed with the Addie. I had to stop taking my muscle relaxer Tizanidine and reflux medication Ranitidine. Once I stopped these two medications my blood pressure went back to normal and I haven’t had any other side effects . I’ve been on Addyi now for a month and it is working! I don’t have that dread feeling of having sex anymore and I find my self thinking about sex and wanting it and getting that little tingling feeling in my libido. My husband is very happy because he went from sex twice in a year to a few times a week. Now ant that something! Multiple orgasms ladys. Don’t give up on it. The press is giving Addyi hell telling everyone it don’t work, I don’t understand why they are slandering them like that, I had my doubts because of the press but I stuck with it and it has also helped with my depression. If you do have some side effect check all the other medications that you are on and look up the side effects because that could be the problem.

  11. Day 1. I felt that I was in a more deep sleep than usual. I take meds for high BP so I hope this does not affect it and make my BP too low. Also I would like to know how long before you start to see results? I hear that this drug was used in the past for depression. So I guess that may be a plus for me..

    1. BrianW: I agree. I actually woduln’t have a problem with selling flibanserin over the counter (assuming it’s safe, but it seems like it is), if people want to try it they’re welcome, but I’m glad it’s not going to be medically accepted as a treatment for “HSDD”, mainly because that would reinforce the notion that HSDD is a homogeneous, real, medical disorder. See my post

      1. Oh that someone were to tell men that ED was not a “homogeneous, real, medical disorder”!! I mean, I suppose the term “homogeneous” leaves a little room for interpretation depending upon how linear you are requiring the process to be, but when a man thinks, “Yes, I want to make love” and expects his parts to oblige accordingly, and they do not, then Look Out!! This is a very big deal (no pun intended), and science is right there leading the cavalry. However, when a woman wants to make love but she can’t because it is too painful, etc., because her parts don’t oblige accordingly – or even WORSE, when she WANTS TO WANT to make love, but ALL OF A SUDDEN, OUT OF THE BLUE, CAN NOT CONJURE that physiological sequence of events, she is suddenly becoming the all dreaded “Frigid Wife” who will likely be replaced by the younger, sex-kitten model. Even though, for those of us without freakishly Victorian-Era inhibitions or worse the emotional/sexual trauma that’s often implied – EVEN WHEN WE DON’T HAVE EITHER, Even when our hormones are stable, we’re not bi-polar and we can sit around all day and tell you exactly when things started slipping but we DON’T KNOW WHY. Even when we can tell you we still find our husband attractive, or Magic Mike, or whoever else might usually press the magic button, only now the button is just – broke. We can talk pretty much unabashedly to pretty much anyone about it by now because we have been to so many different specialists jumping through so many hoops that it barely phases us anymore. Oh how those brainy male physicians squirm when you start talking about your “lady issues”. Maybe they should start working on a medication for THAT. Or maybe one of those precious sedatives to take the edge off their inhibitions so they won’t be so embarrassed when they have to actually try to help a real woman with a REAL ISSUE who is looking for help so she doesn’t have to watch her marriage dissolve in front of her very eyes. Because honestly, even the best husbands can only be patient for so long, even when you do your best to make them happy, they still miss the mutual satisfaction factor. Well, the non-misogynistic ones do anyway. Maybe this isn’t a wonder drug, and maybe the FDA did cave (wouldn’t be the first time, I’m sure), but maybe women deserve the chance to try SOMETHING!!! The warnings are there. There are only a handful of doctors and pharmacies prescribing it, so give us a chance to try it out and either it works or it doesn’t. For crying out loud, if it genuinely helps ONE woman it’s worth it in my book. As I’m sure men would have said regarding the fabulous ED medications, only they were fortunate enough to have them work for the hordes instead. Now take your satisfied selves back to the labs and make US a real drug that will work for ALL OF US!!Not a real medical disorder indeed!! As they say, “Until you’ve walked a mile in my Manolo Blahniks…”

        1. You have completely nailed it. Exactly how I feel 100% I am so exhausted from the lack of discussion and support with “woman problems ” and disgusted that it doesn’t seem like anyone cares enough to help us. I would love to have my libido back, even 1/4 of the desire would be a welcome change. My poor husband 🙁

      2. John: Your statement almost makes me want to start a campaign encouraging women to throw away their partner’s ED meds. When asked why they should reply, “I’m sorry honey, but I don’t want to reinforce the notion that ED is a real medical disorder. Now, off to the psychologist you go!” We might as well all be miserable together.

  12. I, too, am quite surprised how hard it is to find information on this drug. I asked my doctor at my last appointment – and he had heard of it but basically could offer no useful information about it. I’m thankful for the information on this website – but sceptical about the suitability of this product for me. Does anyone have a positive/negative experience with this Addyi drug so far?

  13. It’s incredibly frustrating how little information has come out about user reviews of Addyi since its release.
    I have been following its creation and release for years since I have had absolutely no drive or desire for 15 years… and I’m only 36.
    I told my doctor I am more than willing to be a guinea pig. My marriage is at stake here. Sex once a week? That’s infrequent? Ha. How about once every 2-3 months?
    I have an appointment today and with any luck I’ll be trying it out.

    1. Post-appointment update: She would not prescribe it for me.
      I suppose there is small comfort in the fact that over the past decade four PCPs and three OBGYNs have brushed off my concerns but my current PCP has at least run a CBC to check everything out – mainly my testosterone levels. I’m supposed to get results this afternoon.
      After the last 72 hour fight and the subject of divorce being thrown about I have had all I can take.

      1. Hello Kay,
        We are sorry to hear about your situation. Is there any chance you could see another physician who might consider prescribing Addyi for you? It’s also possible that your doctor thought this drug might have too many adverse side effects to make the results worth it. Addyi has had quite limited success for the small percent of women who reported benefits from taking the drug. It’s just marginally more effective than placebo. Also, have you considered a product such as Femestril or Provestra? They have proven effective for a great many women. Something to consider, anyway. We hope things work out – please keep us updated!

      2. pj – True, it could be argued whether sedatives actually increase libido or just remove inhibitions. the end result is similar though so I think my point stands.There’s also the possibility that the drug worked by improving mood – it is an antidepressant after all, albeit a failed one, but even if it had a weak effect, that might be enough to improve your sex life. The women in these studies were excluded if they had a current MDE but they were allowed to have a BDI of up to 14 and a history of depression so long as it was 6 months ago, so some of them may have been somewhat depressed.

    2. This reminds me a bit of the daebte surrounding ADD/ADHD a while back, where many say it represents a personality type and not a disorder. Regardless, I think people should have access to drugs that can potentially improve their lives. I think creating a real or fake disorder to go along with drugs is a product of the regulatory systems many countries have in place, where “medical” drugs are sold in pharmacies, and non-medical drugs are criminalized.Of course, if it simply doesn’t work, then it should not be on the market for that reason alone.

    3. Hi,
      You are not alone. I am 37 and have had HSDD since 2003 at age 24. It is horrible and hard for people to understand. I have been on Addyi for 3 weeks and i do feel like my desire is increasing. It is hard to even know what that feels like when it has been 13 1/2 years with no sex drive. No sex yet, but I do feel much happier on this drug. Also, we have sex about once a year so I totally understand what you are going through. I hope you are able to at least try Addyi. I paid $50 with a coupon, otherwise it is $975. Good luck

  14. I’m the guinea pig for my gynocologist and I wanted to hear and share with other women who are taking Addyi. I’m on day 4 and have no side effects, except that I am constantly hungry. I’ve gained 5 lbs. in 4 days. This concerns me. Anyone else out there attacking the refrigerator? Is there a group website to join?

    1. Carrie I received my script for it last week but wanted to do some reading on it first. The idea of it possibly causing low bp and passing out concerns me. In the few days you’ve taken it, have you noticed any improvement in your desired results?

    2. I am Concern about attacking the fridge, I’m trying so hard to go to the gym, eat healthy and work out. Are you still experiencing increased appetite? Have you had any other side effects? Are you from Queens or Long Island and if so, can recommend your doctor ? Thank you.

  15. Hi, thank you for the article. I think the only reason the FDA approved this drug is because of the intense lobbying and pressure that was applied. They rejected this drug 3 TIMES due to lack of effectiveness. They did not change the ingredients of the drug – how did it suddenly get effective enough to warrant FDA approval? I think you only need to follow the money in this case.

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